Block Pavement Cleaning

Why do you need your block paving professionally cleaned?

Most people think that having block paving means it doesn't need cleaning. Some people just run a hose over it every now and again. The truth is it needs cleaning and it should be done by a professional. There are many aspects to cleaning block paving which may be missed by untrained eye resulting the rectification of which can lead to increased cost.

No Need for All the Equipment

Using just a hose isn't going to do much to your block paving. You need a heavy-duty pressure washer and these can be expensive for most families to use every now and then. Hiring a professional service will save you time and money. We already have the tools and the right equipment needed to complete the job for you.

May Use the Wrong Products

Using the wrong products can damage your paving blocks but how do you know which ones are right. Hiring a professional will help eliminate the risk of damage. Professional cleaners will know the right products to use without damaging the paving.

By using the wrong products, you risk costly mistakes. The discoloration will stand out and you will have to spend a lot more money correcting mistakes.

Can’t Always Get Into the Cracks

The way most block paving is laid there is a chance of small gaps. You can miss theses gaps if you just use a hosepipe to clean them. We have the right equipment that allows us to get right in between the gaps and remove all the dirt and moss lying between them. With all this in mind, you reduce the risk of issues later

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