Driveway Cleaning

Benefits of pressure washing your driveway

A driveway accumulates oil, mud, and dirt. All this combines to become a film, which sticks to the driveway, requiring more than a good hosing-down to effectively remove. How does pressure washing improve the condition of your driveway?

1. It Pulls Dirt and Stains Out, Improving The Look Of Your Property.

Pressure washing will efficiently remove stains, dirt, and oily residue. Once all grime and dirt are removed, your driveway will look clean which will improve the overall look to your property.

2. It Protects Your Driveway, Saving You Money

Acidic grime and algae will, over time, erode your driveway. Preventing this can stop cracks and crumbling  saving you thousands in replacement costs.

3. It Prevents Accidents and Injuries

Pitted and cracked driveway surfaces are trip and fall hazards. Grime on your driveway can cause people to slip, especially during the winter months. Rain and humidity are conducive to the growth of mildew and mould. Cleaning up grime that can get slippery is a sound safety precaution.

When Is The Best Time To Have Your Driveway Washed

Pressure washing a driveway can be done at any point in the year. Most homeowners schedule a cleaning in the warm weather when stains and moss are the most obvious, Ignoring stains and moss will lead to permanent damage to your driveway. If you have your driveway cleaned by a professional it reduces the chances of permanent damage. This is why having your driveway professionally cleaned regularly is good maintenance.

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