Patio Cleaning

Low maintenance doesn't mean 'no maintenance'. As with any outdoor surface, there will be Grime and Lichen which over time can both affect your patio area's appearance and cause lasting damage.


Using the right equipment will get you great results in a short time. we use a petrol-driven machine which makes light work of cleaning your patio. Most products in your local DIY store are not strong enough to effectively remove stubborn stains on the majority of hard surfaces. The only solution to this is a professional machine.

Weed removal

Weeds can spring up in your garden anywhere especially cracks in your paving. They can be very stubborn and the roots can cause damage to your patio area over time. We can prevent this from happening.


We use the latest equipment to clean your patio areas. We have an 18" patio cleaner which makes light work iof cleaning. We also use a Honda GX390 engine which runs our 21Litres per minute pump.


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