An example of a typical small garden would be: -£15 per visit @ 17 visits per season = £255

We apply a 5% discount when using our monthly payment scheme which is £12.75 off of the £255 total which = £242.25

£242.25 Spread over a period of 12 months = £20.18pcm

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If you would like to pay per visit then that is absolutely fine. 

As you have setup a standing order each month this saves me time and money on admin fees. Therefore I can pass this saving to you.

Unfortunately we cannot spread any other gardening services monthly 

Sure you can, but you would need to pay any outstanding balance before your next visit 

For Example: If we visited you 10 times and each visit cost £15 making the total £150, but your total payments made to date of cancellation was £120, you would still need to pay the remaining £30.

If you wish to cancel please advise at least 7 days before your next scheduled visit. We will calculate what money is still owed and that will still need to be paid for before or on your next scheduled payment date. If you have over-paid then i will refund you the different on or before your next scheduled payment date also.


Sure, please refer to ‘Can I Cancel Anytime’

If there is a remaining balance you will need to pay this in full before your next visit. If there is any overpayment this will be deducted from your next invoice(s)

Please Note: Any discounts you previously received would stop once you switch to pay per visit.

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