Terms & Conditions

Upon accepting the estimate/quotation provided you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.


All quotes are valid for 14 days, after which CSW Gardening Services reserves the right to withdraw and re-quote, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Upon acceptance of the works the agreed price will remain as per the quotation until the work is completed unless the work is delayed by the customer or any hidden obstructions arise.


Payments are due upon completion of the quoted works. An invoice will be provided and payment must be made on time and in full.  For domestic customers payment can be made via cash, bank transfer, card or setup a standing order for those who are on garden maintenance contracts.

Payment is to be made upon receipt of the invoice, or no later than 24 hours from the invoice date. For commercial clients, payment terms are to be discussed before the start of the contract.

Payment can be made via bank transfer, by credit/debit card (via link on the invoice) and for customers who have regular maintenance and/or lawn care services you have the option to pay by monthly Standing Order.

Late Payment:

Customers who consistently pay late will have have the option to pay in advance or have their services cancelled.

Failure to Pay:

Failure to pay, the client can/will incur additional fees, legal expenses etc.


CSW Gardening Services may require a deposit from the client for any works being carried out – this is to secure the date of booking and/or materials. This will be reflected on the invoice upon completion of the work.

Cancellations need to be made no later than 24 hours before CSW Gardening Services is due to be with you. repeated cancellations can/will result in your services being terminated.


CSW Gardening Services has a Green Waste Carriers Licence from the Environmental Agency, therefore only green/garden waste produced by myself will be removed from site.

From 2021, there will be a £2.50 minimum charge per pop-up bag used for customers who have regular maintenance, for one-off jobs we will quote waste removal separately. Customers who sign up to monthly direct debit for their Garden Maintenance will have their green waste removed for free, however this does not include waste created from initial tidy-ups, they will still be quoted for.

We highly recommend all customers to have a garden waste bin from their local council. 


Gardening works will be carried out to meet your requirements and will be clearly explained before any works are carried out. For waste removal in our garden maintenance programme’s, we will initially use your specific garden waste bins on site before removing any excess waste from your property. Regular Garden Maintenance does not include tree work or hedge work, unless stated otherwise on the quotation.


I hold full Public Liability Insurance, a copy of the certificates are available on request.

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