Patio Restoration Service

What is included with our restoration service ?

There are 3 main steps to restoring your patio back to its original look.  The steps we take are as follows:

  • Grinding out the original grout between the paving
  • Cleaning the original paving
  • Regrouting the paving 

What is the process of restoring a patio ?

We will grind out all the old grout between the paving to a minimum depth of 25mm. Once this has been done we then clean the paving throroughly including the joints ready for the regrouting process. Once we have cleaned the joints and the paving with the appropriate cleaning agents, we will then regrout all the joints using a jointing compound.

These are the 4 different colours to choose from:

  • Natural
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Black

Here is an example of the work we have completed previously. As you can imagine, the customer was very satisfied with the end finish. He couldn’t believe that his old patio, which was full of lichen, weeds and loose grout, could come close to looking as good as new.

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